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We rely on the generosity of God’s people to keep education at Avail Academy as affordable as possible. In addition to the support of current parents, Avail Academy is blessed by the contributions of grandparents, former parents, alumni, local businesses, and members of supporting churches. Please consider joining in our mission by making a one-time contribution, scheduling a recurring gift, or naming Avail Academy as the recipient of a planned gift.

One-time and recurring gifts:

Check/Mail — Mail your contribution, including any special instructions, to the Development Office, 4015 Inglewood Ave. S, Edina, MN  55416.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) — Use our secure online process to establish a transfer from a bank account of your choice. This is a good option whether making a one-time gift or setting up recurring contributions–convenient for you and inexpensive for us.

Credit Card — Take advantage of the security and convenience of credit card giving to make a pledge payment, a one-time gift, or a recurring contribution.

Transfer of Stock — Contact Finance Director Jeff Piehl about contributing stock.  Email, or call 952-927-5304, ext. 125

Planned gifts:

Many supporters have made provisions for Avail Academy in their wills, sharing a final, powerful testimony of their commitment to the school’s ministry of Christian education.  Planned gifts such as charitable trusts and gift annuities are another way to contribute to Avail.  Donors often find that planned gifts allow them to make significant donations while providing them with tax advantages or sources of income.  

Legacy Giving

Avail Academy is rooted in the work of those who have gone before. The Avail community today enjoys the fruit of the vision, dedication, and investments of our founders and those who followed after them over the past five decades.  Today we are also called to plant the seeds of the future, to sow for a harvest that will be reaped by future generations. Most planned gifts and bequests to Avail Academy help build the school’s endowment fund. Contributions to the endowment fund are held in perpetuity, with a portion of the annual earnings used for financial aid and special educational projects. There are many ways that you can leave a legacy for future generations attending Avail Academy, while at the same time providing yourself and your family (or other beneficiaries) with significant financial benefits. In addition to outright, tax-deductible cash gifts, creative ways to give include bequests, life income agreements, asset gifts, and beneficiary designations.

Marilyn Hielkema Scholarship Fund

The Marilyn Hielkema Scholarship Fund is a lasting tribute and gesture of thanks to a remarkable teacher who retired in 2014 after serving for 39 years at Calvin Christian School.  Gifts to the fund are held in perpetuity, with annual earnings going to a cause near to Marilyn's heart--helping families who have financial need by assisting with a portion of the cost of enrolling their children in Christian education. Below are the ways that you can give.

Mail — Mail contributions by check, noting "Hielkema Fund" in the memo, to the Development Office, Avail Academy, 4015 Inglewood Ave. S, Edina, MN  55416.

Transfer stock to Avail's brokerage account — Email the office for account information, or call the Edina Campus office at: 952-927-5304.

Online Donation — Click to make an online donation.


Perhaps the easiest and most common way to make a planned gift is through your will. Yet more than 50 percent of Americans do not have one. A bequest in a will can take the form of a set amount of money, a percentage of an estate, a specific asset, a trust, or naming a ministry as a contingent beneficiary.

Life Income Agreements

A life income agreement could allow you to contribute assets to Avail Academy, while providing income for yourself or others for the remainder of your life, their lives, or a fixed number of years.  Two common life income gifts are the charitable gift annuity and the charitable remainder trust. An annuity can be funded with a gift of as little as $5,000 and will provide a fixed, guaranteed income. A charitable remainder trust requires a larger contribution and offers income at a variable rate. Both the gift annuity and the remainder trust, as well as other life income options, offer tax advantages, such as a charitable deduction and possible reduction of estate or capital gains taxes.

Asset Gifts

When contributing stock, real estate or other appreciated assets, you receive a charitable deduction and usually avoid any capital gains taxes. Also consider using an asset gift to reduce estate and inheritance taxes.

Beneficiary Designations

Naming Calvin Christian as a contingent or primary beneficiary of a life insurance policy, pension plan or retirement account is likely to provide tax savings for you and your heirs, and it’s as easy as filling out a beneficiary form. Make an endowment fund gift now.

Matching funds

Avail Academy helps students see their unique giftedness and the joy that is found when these gifts are used for the cause of Christ. We're grateful for your partnership in this important work. An easy way to double your contribution is through employee giving programs. Many corporations match employee donations to our organization. If you volunteer with us, your employer may also provide us with a grant as a way to recognize your hands-on support. Thanks for checking to see if your company offers these programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are employee matching gift programs?

Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations.

It's an easy way to double your contribution to us!

What are volunteer grant programs?

Volunteer grant programs are corporate giving programs in which companies provide monetary donations to organizations where employees volunteer regularly.

If you volunteer with us, it's an easy way to provide us with additional financial support!

How do I request a matching gift or volunteer grant?

Requesting a matching gift or volunteer grant is normally a five minute process which must be initiated by the donor/volunteer. You can do this by contacting your company human resource or community giving area. It usually requires filling out and submitting a paper match form, or completing an electronic submission process.

Please search our database for company specific information.

What if I still have questions?

For questions regarding your company's programs, please contact your employer's HR or community giving department. Much of the necessary information is also available on your company intranet.

For questions regarding submitting a matching gift or volunteer grant request to us, please contact Jeff Piel at: