Avail Academy’s dedicated, well-trained, and experienced teachers are a key factor in the quality of our academic program. Led by highly qualified teachers, our comprehensive, accredited (Christian Schools International) academic program provides the depth necessary for mastery of reading, writing, science and mathematics, while also providing a breadth of programs that meet the needs of the whole child and spark students’ interests and passions.

At Avail Academy, students are ignited by the wonder of God’s world and human life, which are illuminated in the light of God’s Word.  Students are prepared with knowledge, wisdom and confidence as they take their place as purpose-driven participants in God’s story, learning through the Teaching for Transformation framework about their relationship to God as Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer, and to humans as fallen and redeemed creatures called to glorify God and serve others.

Students are challenged in developmentally appropriate ways at their highest level of ability, engaging in learning that is contemporary, relevant, and continuously improving, so that they are prepared for effective service in a global society.

The link below provides more detail regarding the curricular content at each grade level in our elementary program:

Elementary Curriculum