our guiding principles

Our Foundation


We Believe...

  • all things exist to glorify God, whom we know in Jesus.
  • because God made and upholds his creation, it is of essential goodness and worth.
  • God made men and women to tend the world as bearers of his image.
  • God has created a world of order, not chaos, and has given human beings the ability to understand the created order.
  • sin darkens our hearts and understanding of the world.
  • the Scriptures are God’s inspired Word and that, as we are illumined by the Holy Spirit, they teach us how to view all of life and creation.
  • Jesus Christ, as Lord of all, renews his people in his image and calls them back to the task of tending his creation.
  • Christ has called the members of his community to serve him together and has obligated them to teach their children how to serve in his kingdom.
  • children of believers are members of the Christian community and are regarded as God’s servants.


We are prompted by these guiding principles to be purposeful in the way that we teach and learn at Avail Academy. Every part of our lives must serve Christ’s glory. What great joy when our children come to know and believe that the entire created order reflects God’s truth, goodness, and beauty! What great joy when they come to know and believe that every fact in the universe belongs to the upholding work of God!

Teachers and students in every Avail Academy classroom delight in all aspects of God’s world as good gifts from our Creator, drawing on the many insights that non-Christians as well as Christians have acquired in studying creation. Teachers and students recognize that all human culture is affected by sin and falls short of glorifying God, so we continually evaluate all human actions, including our own, from a biblical perspective. We immerse ourselves in God’s Word, interpreting all things in the universe according to them. We discover and develop God-given gifts and purposefully direct them in God’s Way and Word. Alongside the family and the church, Avail Academy fulfills a unique role by instructing and nurturing students from Kindergarten through 12th grade to use the gifts of God for the cause of Christ.