Avail Academy’s dedicated, well-trained, and experienced teachers are a key factor in the quality of our academic program. Led by highly qualified teachers, our comprehensive, accredited (Christian Schools International) academic program provides the depth necessary for mastery of reading, writing, science and mathematics, while also providing a breadth of programs that meet the needs of the whole child, spark students’ interests and passions and prepare them for the challenges of our high school program.

Middle school students are going through a time of incredible changes: maturing in their thinking, growing and developing physically, forming an identity of their own, relating to peers, and beginning to make faith decisions for themselves and relate their faith to increasingly complex real-life experiences.  Our Teaching for Transformation framework immerses students in God’s Word and Way as they discern God’s purpose for their lives.

Our middle school program is designed to continue sparking students’ enthusiasm to discover and develop their God-given gifts. At this critical stage of development, Avail Academy students are challenged to think Christianly about the increasingly complex world they are discovering and experiencing. Our deepest hope is that our students will engage God’s world and human culture through the lens of a biblical worldview, ignited through their experiences to shine as bright lights for the cause of Christ.

The link below provide more detail regarding the curricular content at each grade level in our middle school program.

Middle School Curriculum