We are delighted that you are considering Avail Academy for your family!

At Avail, we believe that each child is uniquely gifted for the cause of Christ. We take seriously the commitment to nurture your child in a Christian community through the environment, the curriculum, and the attitudes and values our teachers and staff live and breathe every day. 

Through a recent study of our educational impact, current families reported increased spiritual growth in their child in addition to increased parental and family spiritual growth as a result of their child being at Avail Academy.  

One of the most significant choices parents make is determining if the cost of Christian education is worth the investment. One factor to consider is that students in any school spend between 15-40 hours being shaped by friends, curriculum, teachers, and staff each week. I can’t tell you how many families have shared with us how grateful they are for choosing Avail and that this choice was one of the best investment decisions they ever made for the academic, spiritual, intellectual and emotional development of their child.

I encourage you to read through our materials, visit our website, and better yet, come visit one of our campuses so that you may get a glimpse into the excellent Christ-centered education and active community that is present at our school. 

If you are passionate about equipping your child to live for a greater purpose, our challenging academics and faith-immersive approach will cultivate your student’s talents, knowledge, and passion, all for the cause of Christ.



Bethany J. Schuttinga, PhD
President, Avail Academy