Volunteer commitment

About Volunteering

Your family financial commitment to Avail includes a $200 volunteer incentive deposit. A full refund will be available when family members work a total of 20 volunteer hours.  The opportunity to accumulate volunteer hours will run annually from the day after school dismisses in the summer through the last day of the following school year. Partial refunds will be calculated in 5-hour, $50 increments.

Volunteer roles are available to fit a wide range of gifts, interests, and time.  For example, participation on various planning committees offers the opportunity to serve Avail as an organization, while roles like Room Parent serve your child’s class directly.  There are opportunities to serve during the school day, such as Recess Monitor, as well as off school hours, including athletics and fine arts events. Some needs are recurring, such as hot lunch server, while there are many one-time opportunities including judging at a variety of school fairs.  

Avail Academy relies on over 4000 hours from our parents on all campuses each year to provide for the many programs and resources for Avail students.  We pray that as you become involved with your child’s school, you experience the rich blessings of building community with fellow parents and connect with the mission of Avail Academy in a tangible way.