Beauty Creator


Students have the opportunity to come alive in the arts at Avail Academy.  They are able to be beauty creators and God-worshippers by using their gifts in the performance arts like band, choir, and theater, and by creating breathtaking works in visual arts classes on all campuses.

God has given us the ability to be creative and appreciate the aesthetic dimension of his creation. Glorifying God through music, art and drama is important for every student at Avail Academy. Students see their talents as gifts from God, to be used for His glory, not merely for entertainment or self-gratification. In the visual arts, students at Avail have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the arts, exploring drawing, painting, copper tooling, mosaics, charcoal drawing and sculpture. Students can also join Avail's concert choir and band, play in the pep band, lead worship with our weekly praise team for chapel services, and participate in fall and spring theatre productions. In every fine arts activity, Avail Academy students are encouraged to use the arts as a response of praise to God and in service to those around them.