student services

Set-Up for Success


Challenge learning

The Challenge Program helps meet the learning needs of students who are able to benefit from opportunities that extend beyond the regular curriculum, giving Avail Academy students the opportunity and support to thrive as learners. Specialists provide smaller group instruction designed to challenge students who demonstrate mastery of the regular curriculum in core subjects such as reading and math, as well as focused study groups that build on students’ special interests, talents, or learning styles.

The Challenge Program invites students to develop independence, leadership, creativity, higher order thinking, and increased depth of self-understanding. It encourages them to serve others in the learning community and helps them explore the role each of us plays as an integral member of the body of Christ. By encouraging and stretching students to explore their unique God-given gifts and interests, each student can learn how he or she is called to a purpose, praising God for the wonders of His world and blessing others with the blessings God has given.


Support Services

Each learner at Avail Academy is a uniquely gifted image-bearer of God.  We strive to meet the learning needs of all our students, including those who face a variety of learning challenges.  Learning Resource Program staff partner with classroom teachers to provide a flexible environment that is responsive to a wide range of learner needs.

Each classroom teacher individualizes instruction and learning materials for his or her students.  The Learning Resource Program provides specialized programming for students who demonstrate individual learning needs that cannot be completely met in a general classroom setting. Students’ unique learning needs are identified through a variety of formal and informal assessments, as well as input from teachers and parents. When ongoing support services are needed, the learning resource teacher develops a plan in cooperation with the classroom teacher and parents to target areas for growth.

Whether your child needs personal tutoring services, an adapted curriculum, or a small group educational setting, the Learning Resource Program at Avail Academy will take into consideration students’ individual learning styles and provide dignity and respect. At Avail Academy, you will find an educational environment that will help your child discover and develop his or her God-given gifts to the highest potential.