Go Valor!


About 80% of Avail Academy students are involved in our athletic program! We currently field teams in boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball, boys soccer, and boys and girls track and field, and we have students taking advantage of co-op opportunities in baseball. Avail Academy athletes compete against schools in the Twin Cities Athletic Conference (TCAC), in a regular season schedule and post-season conference play-offs. Then teams have the opportunity to advance into district, regional, and state competition.

In a unique way, competitive athletics provides an opportunity to bring communities together while giving student athletes the opportunity to develop teamwork and grow closer to one another. Avail Academy challenges its athletes to pursue excellence with character. Through sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication, players, coaches, and fans aim to use our athletic gifts and talents to honor our opponents, teammates, school, community, and—above all—God.

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