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We know all of reality is God’s, so we teach it by His word. That’s why in 2014 we implemented the “Teaching for Transformation” (TFT) curriculum planning model.  We believe TFT to be the best practice for immersing God’s Word and way into all academic subjects. TFT helps our faculty expertly weave God’s story into everything we teach. Students from kindergarten through 12th-grade practice and develop valuable discipleship traits called “through-lines."

Through-lines provide a simple framework and language which reveal God’s fingerprints upon the topic being taught. Whether the subject is math, science, or history, student’s eyes are opened to the presence of concepts like God-worshiping, creation-enjoying, or community-building inherent in the material.

We do this because we want students to learn about God’s creation, His great story of redemption and their very real role in it. And to that cause, we also create opportunities for all students to participate in formative serving experiences because living a life of purpose doesn’t start after graduation.